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Do you like to learn languages? Do you like manga, but don't understand the original versions?

Uptodown brings you Kotoba, a Japanese-Spanish/Spanish-Japanese translator that, while it may not be an automatic translator, is a great help to any Spanish speaker learning Japanese (or visa versa).

If you want to know how to write your name or a certain phrase in Japanese, Kotoba is the program for you.

The Japanese language is made up of characters, meaning that the writing system is based in concepts. Kotoba captures the concepts expressed and displays them in Spanish, so that a language as complex as Japanese can easily be understood by Spanish speakers.

Kotoba is the perfect application for fans of manga or language learners who are looking for new ways to learn this exotic language.

For Windows XP.

The program includes phonetic information about the translated phrase so that you may better know how to pronounce it.


30-day trial.

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